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Experience the Benefits of Holistic Wellness

Achieve health and wellness with the help of The Healing Path, LLC. Let us help you restore energy balance and dissolve energy blockages. We serve anyone who needs healing and is open to holistic and alternative modalities. We also welcome children, with parental consent. We can even channel healing energy to difficult situations.

Our Service Rates

  • Full-Body Reiki and Crystal Healing Session w/Biomat - $100/hr

  • Chakra Clearing Session With Crystals - $100

  • Distance Healing With Reiki and Crystals - $100

  • Full Body Reiki and Crystal Healing Session for pet- $75

  • Biomat Session- $50/hr or $25/30mins.

  • Biomat add-on to any service $100 or less- $35

  • Home energy clearing- $150

  • Massage- Range from $80-$120

  • Chair Massage- $20

  • Yoga-$16-$22

  • Breathwork- $16-$17

  • Meditation- $16-$17

  • Sound Bath- $30-$35

  • Shamanic Journey $60-$65

*The Healing Path offers Grief Reiki, reiki sessions that focus on healing the pain of grief related to all forms of loss. Information and pricing for this specialized service available upon request.
*For Reiki healing sessions for plants, issues, and environments, please call or send us an email.
We look forward to serving all our customers in Greater St. Louis, Missouri and beyond.

Gift Certificates

The Healing Path Gift Certificate

Open value gift certificate for any service offered by The Healing Path, LLC.

Normal Price: Designated by Client

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"Highly recommend. With an open mind, and dealing with Chronic pain, treatment helped me tremendously!!!” 

- The Healing Path, LLC Customer

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